Welcome to Parenting My Teen

Welcome to Parenting My Teen. This is a blog dedicated to mothers, fathers, and guardians who are dealing with this special period of development in their children’s lives. We’ve been through it and we know how exciting, wonderful, and extraordinary this time is. But we also know that it gets confusing, emotional, and crazy too. Torn between being a kid and an adult, our teenagers face real-life challenges on a constant basis. They face an onslaught of issues and emotions that they may be too confused to handle at this stage in their lives. That is where we come in. We must know our place and our responsibilities in guiding them through these challenges and help them come out victorious and ready to conquer the real world.

Teenagers nowadays face different issues such as school, body image, use of the internet, physical and mental health, relationships with families, friends, and significant others, peer pressure, getting part-time jobs, sex, teenage pregnancy, drinking, substance abuse, and a whole lot more of concerns that they have to deal with each and every day of their teenage lives. And each child goes through this stage of development with his or her own unique way of dealing with these issues and concerns. Some make it through relatively easy while others have a hard time coping with these new challenges in their lives.

Here at Parenting My Teen, we will be your partner in raising your teenage children.  We will hear you out when you have questions and concerns. This is a venue for parents and guardians to share their struggles and together, we can think of ways to turn the situation for the better. We will provide you with research and resources that will all help us understand our teenagers’ behaviors and attitudes better.  You can listen to our internet and radio podcasts about parenting teenagers. We will share parenting hacks and tips that will assist you in maintaining a good and healthy relationship with your teenage child. This is also a platform for teenagers to express themselves so that the parents can hear them out. Teenagers can also access this site for tips on schooling, financial management, job hunting, and taking good care of their health and well-being. Bottom line is that we want to help families to uphold their values and sustain loving relationships among members during this stage of their lives.

Most of all, Parenting My Teen hopes to be your parenting coach in raising your children. We have partnered with our favorite Kansas City garage door repair to help more families. Through our consultations, parenting sessions, and packages that we offer, we aim to enrich the level of relationship between you and your teenagers and help your family out in dealing with the stresses and challenges of this stage of development in your children’s lives. We have partnered with trusted organizations for accreditation and continuous capability development. Our current top partners are Radical Parenting, Real Life Solutions, and Moms Talk Radio who help us develop a holistic and profound approach in parenting because we understand the importance of helping families raise responsible and smart teenagers.

Parenting My Teen is all about you and your teenager enjoying this moment and having the best time of your lives.