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Financial Tips for Young Adults – Show #49

By: Aurelia Category: Parenting My Teen Podcast

Teaching children and teens how to manage money is essential to their future as independent adults. Rather than teaching your teen how to be dependent on credit cards as they venture off to college, parents can be the ones that set their children on the right path by learning sound financial advice themselves and being good role models.

Today I’m pleased to interview Vince Shorb, founder of the National Youth Financial Educator’s Council, Vince is dedicated to increasing youth financial literacy through a variety of workshops, custom programs, educator training, curriculum, live events and online virtual learning centers.

Vince shares how he went from being a young real estate investor, living a comfortable life, to losing everything, all because he made a few common financial mistakes.

After this experience, Vince learned by speaking with other people that they, too, were making some of the same mistakes he made and this led him to the create the National Youth Financial Educator’s Council and wanting to help educate young people about finances.

Vince is also the producer of Money XLive ( which is one of the nation’s largest, full-production, financial literacy events in the country that recently served over 1,100 youth and over 30 nonprofits. This event brings together celebrities, sport stars, and live acts to teach practical money matters in a full production concert venue.

During today’s show we discussed why we have the problem of financial illiteracy amongst young people today and he also shares some vital tips with us on how we can instill financial responsibility in our children.

Listen in as Vince shares tips on how we can start teaching our teens today to be financially savvy and also how we can help them start to build a solid financial foundation.