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Raising Positive Teens

By: Aurelia Category: Family, Parenting A Teen, Teen Emotional Health

There is so much to be concerned about when raising children and ensuring that they enter into their teen years feeling great about themselves.   Will they be healthy, happy and well-adjusted? How much do the things done by parents affect them? Is it possible to keep things positive and raise positive children today?

Even if you feel like you’ve made some mistakes as a parent, don’t despair. There are definitely things you can do to raise positive children. Children are very resilient and learn quickly. Here are a few tips you can follow to raise children  that are optimistic and creative.

 Model positive reactions. The adage goes, “more things are caught than taught.” In other words, if you become angry and begin yelling when you’re stressed, children will mirror what you do. Conversely, if your teen(s) see you react positively no matter what the circumstances, they will believe this is the correct way to act in response to stressors and situations in life.

Use good, positive and uplifting words when speaking to them and others as well as when you speak about others. No one likes to be fussed at and made to feel bad about what someone says to or about them. Be sure to use positive words and your teen will likely follow suit.

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Keep a positive mindset. So, are you a glass half full or a glass half empty type of person? People with a half-full mindset will try to see the good in every person and situation. On the other hand, those who see the glass half empty will be more negative. If you do your best to try to find the silver lining in the rain clouds of life, your children may do the same.  Accentuate the positive. Try to think of things you can do to draw attention to the positive no matter what has happened. No, you don’t have to be like Sappy Susie who acts like nothing ever goes wrong, but it can greatly influence your children if you acknowledge the negative but focus on the positive.

Nurture your child’s self-esteem. You don’t want to offer praise that is undeserved, but when they do something that is worthy of praise, be sure they know it. Be careful not to use demeaning words when providing instruction. Children may not know what it means to be condescending, but they can recognize it when they hear it.

 Catch your teen being compassionate or courteous. This is similar to nurturing their self-esteem. When you see your teen displaying compassion, let them know how much you appreciate it. Praise them for taking their responsibilities seriously when they do their chores without being reminded.

Encourage your teens’s dreams. If your daughter dreams of being a ballerina and she’s a little bit heavy, don’t discourage her. Take her to the ballet and talk about how healthy ballerinas have to be. This may give her the confidence she needs to learn to take better care of herself. If your son wants to play baseball, let Dad take him to the ballpark and play ball with him in the backyard.

Laugh at yourself. Sometimes, even when things seem their worst, it helps to look at things and laugh. Obviously every situation won’t warrant laughter, but it may help to release stress and put things into perspective.

Every parent wants their children to be helpful, positive and compassionate. Following some of these tips will help you raise positive children by keeping it positive.

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