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Easing Back to School Stress – Show #47

By: Aurelia Category: Parenting My Teen Podcast

Thanks for joining us as we celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Parenting My Teen!

School is starting again very soon – or maybe your classes have already begun – and there is always some stress associated with going back to school, no matter what grade your teen is entering.

My guest this week is a long time PMT Friend, Marie Ynami of Mommy Marie is a work at home mom of 3 from California. This school year, her youngest is in middle school, she has a high school senior and a teen that just graduated from high school.

In this episode we discuss tips for getting our teens back into the school mindset after a summer of fun as well as:

– when to meet the teachers;
– how to keep lines of communication open about your expectations during the school year and your child’s concerns;
– setting routines & limits;
– encouraging your child to get involved in activities.

If you need even more tips for helping your teen deal with the tribulations of high school, take a look at my ebook, Real Life Guidance to Helping Your Teen In High School. This guide shows you how you can allow your teen to have some independence while providing support and guidance to them as they make their way through high school, and the best part is that you can get started right now!