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The Parenting My Teen Podcast is a show all about you and your teens.

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New Podcast helps parents develop a healthy relationship with their teens

WASHINGTON DC — Launched in August 2006, Parenting My Teen is a welcomed tool for parents of teenagers.  It’s no secret that parenting teens can been difficult at times.  Who better to help with teen parenting than the teens themselves?  Teens will be featured in segments speaking on some of challenging issues.  Williams’ own teens will be available to help out with the teen view on topics.

Combining her talent for life coaching with her love of helping other parents develop a healthy relationship with their teens, Aurelia Williams has found a winning combination. Parenting coaching involves unique talent, as one must not only be able to understand teens well, but equally be able to effectively communicate possible solutions to other parents. Williams’ experience parenting with her now adult brother and two teenage daughters have proved that she is more than capable of meeting both requirements.

Williams focuses on being candid, non-judgmental and no topic is off limits.  What makes Parenting My Teen exceptional is that Aurelia always uses a personal spin and shares some of her own tips.  One recent topic discussed was teen depression.  The guest on this show was a social worker and expert on child development, parent-child relations, marital and family therapy.  Williams says, “On that particular show we covered the topic from many angles: what depression is, what type of depression teens suffer from, and how to get your teen the help that he or she needs.

Parenting My Teen will center on a variety of teen topics in the future. Williams encourages listeners to tune into upcoming shows focused on: Teens and drug/alcohol abuse, College preparation & admissions, Sex (sexuality, safe sex, and abstinence), Peer pressure, Body image (Anorexia/Bulimia), and Teen Safety (driving).  Her enthusiasm is contagious and the fact that she enjoys her chosen profession is obvious.

The audio show is all about parents and their teens.  “Being a parent to a teen is a very rewarding experience, but it isn’t always an easy job. We are here to help them along the way with our team of teen experts,” stated Williams. She listens to parents’ needs and provides practical tips to build healthy relationships with their teens.

“I feel truly blessed to be following my calling by helping others along their path to being the best possible parents that they can be.  I enjoy helping parents and teens to rediscover the power and security of strong relationships,”  explains Williams.

To listen to programs click on the Audio Archives link.  Listeners also have the ability to subscribe to the feed so that the latest audios will be delivered directly to their inbox.

Aurelia currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband and 3 children (ages: 6, 15 & 18) and her now 21 year old brother whom she has raised since the age of 11.  Meet Aurelia Williams, Successful Parenting Coach by visiting

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