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PR: Coaching for Real Life, Real People

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All her life, Aurelia Williams has had a burning desire to help others. A few years ago she examined her skills, her passions and options to discover a way  follow her dream to help other women find balance in their lives.

Through much research, she has found that there are many Life Coaches for corporate executives, athletes, and movie stars. What she didn’t see a lot of were Life Coaches for the average person. Coaches who help stay at home moms and working moms.  Coaches who focus on small business owners to help them gain the confidence they need to become highly successful. This is where was born!

For the last three years, Aurelia has been honing her skills through training and personal mentors. She has been helping women live a less stressed and more organized life. A life filled with more self-confidence, balance and serenity.

Real Life Coaching is dedicated to helping women take control of their lives. Real Life Coaching puts them in the driver’s seat, helps them overcome obstacles, set personal goals and work towards achieving them.  Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone, which allows Aurelia to work with women from all over the country. She also offers an absolutely free, “no strings attached” initial coaching session to anyone that is interested.

Aurelia explains, “I am very passionate about other people’s wellbeing and dedicated to my clients success. Therefore, every coaching session is focused directly on you – your needs, your goals, your wins, your aspirations, and your life. You set the agenda based on what is most important to you and we work together on your plan and goals”.

Here’s what one client had to say, “I had stalled in some areas of my life that seemed very basic from the outside but insurmountable in my own mind. My experience with Aurelia gave me the permission I needed to make some timely and necessary decisions on a personal level. I had been “superwoman” for everyone else but the person that needed me most went unattended and neglected.
In a few short sessions, a new mind set was born and I have been on my way to taking better care of “me” without the fear of failing everyone else. Thanks Aurelia…forever grateful”

Everyone has times when they feel things just aren’t going as planned. Maybe life has become a boring routine and you’ve lost track of your goals. Perhaps you want to be more organized at work or at home. Perhaps you can’t even remember the last time you did something just for “you”. If this is the case, maybe it’s time you contacted a Personal Life Coach to get back in control of your life.

Real Life Coaching (RLC), is a Washington, D.C. based company that focuses on helping women achieve balance in their personal and professional lives. Founded by Aurelia Williams, a Personal Life Coach, RLC provides a variety of coaching packages, inspirational messages and support.  If you would like more information, feel free to visit Real Life Coaching online at or email Aurelia at

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