Hi, fellow moms! We received a letter from a single mom of a teenage boy. She doesn’t know what to do because her son has been showing signs of depression. He doesn’t want to go to school nor go out with his friends. He even threatened to take his own life. That’s why our mommy friend wants to seek your advice on how she can help her son.

A little more background about their family: Mommy and husband separated a year ago and mommy has no communication with ex-husband anymore. She has a younger daughter. Daughter and son are really close but the daughter was also traumatized when she saw her brother try to take his own life. Mommy’s son is already in college and is doing well in his studies. He is quite bright and was accepted in the premier university of their state. However, the son expressed sudden disinterest in going to school because their thesis professor kept criticizing his research. His part-time job has also ended. He keeps mostly to himself nowadays. Mommy tried talking to his girlfriend but didn’t get any significant information. The girlfriend said that they weren’t having any problems and that the son was acting “normal” whenever they were together. This got our mommy friend even more concerned as she figured that her son was hiding this side of himself from his girlfriend and maybe from his other friends and classmates. But she’s positive that when at home, she could observe signs of depression from her son with his suicide attempt confirming all her worries and fears. When that happened, she had a lengthy and emotional talk with her son. Her daughter also told her brother how much she loved him. Son was apologetic and reassured them that he wouldn’t do it again. But of course, our mommy friend cannot be at ease. She constantly fears for her son’s condition. She told her son that if talking to his dad would make him feel better, he was free to talk to his dad. But son doesn’t want to. She asked if his son wanted to see a doctor but he refused also. She told him to go out with his cousins and friends but he also didn’t feel like it. Mommy now wants to stay by her son’s side all of the time to reassure him that he could always count on her support no matter what. However, she has missed work a number of times already and she also has a daughter to take care of. She doesn’t know what to do anymore and wants to know your thoughts and insights about her situation.

So, mommy community, let us help our fellow mom of a teen and show her our support. Kindly send her your messages in our comment box below so that she can read all of them.

Thank you to all of you.