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Summer Ideas for Teens

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It’s inevitable. School ends and suddenly your teen has no idea what to do and it will be time to come up with some good summer ideas for teens.

They DO deserve a break because high school can certainly be tough. But do you want them wasting their days staring blankly at the TV screen, playing video games or, even worse, getting themselves into trouble?

My answer was NO WAY when my own teens were still living at home!

As a Certified Life Coach and owner of the Parenting My Teen Podcast, I saw a huge need for a toolkit that encouraged teens to use their minds and their creativity. Engaging teens is difficult at best but sometimes they respond better to someone who isn’t a parent, which is why I created the Schools Out! Plan the Perfect Teen Summer package.

This isn’t some measly 5 page report. I know you want good stuff filled with summer ideas for teens so this kit is chock full of information that will benefit both you and your teen, such as:

  • 4 expert interview recordings talking about:
  1. Getting ready for the next year of high school and college prep
  2. Helping your teen deal with sexual and drug-related peer pressure
  3. Keeping your teen busy, entertained and focusing on positive things
  4. Creative ways to help your teen find a job or even start a business
  5. Action Plan for Teenagers: A practical 10-week plan to keep teens occupied during the summer
  6. Keeping the Balance Report: Staying friends with a teenager and raising them to be happy and successful
  7. Summer Work for Teens Report: Suggestions and strategies for finding summer work
  8. Summer Learning for Teens Report: How to prevent learning loss over the summer
  • Practical tools for both you and your teen to use, like:

Parents all over the country complain that their teens get lazy during the summer break. But teens, just like toddlers, need guidance, clear communication, and reminders of your expectations in order to be successful.

While listening and reading all the information in your toolkit, ask your teen if there are things they’d like to accomplish before school starts and then help them to meet those goals. Setting one long term goal or several shorter term goals during the summer will teach valuable lessons about time management and working hard in order to get your reward.

My goal was two-fold in creating the School’s Out! Plan the Perfect Teen Summer package. Hopefully the audios and reports will help your teen realize their great potential in the world. But I also wanted to help you, the parents, to enjoy and reconnect with your teen during the less stressful summer months.

Summertime is a great time to reconnect with your teen. Don’t let these weeks go by without taking this time to slow down and just be together.

Learn more and grab all your goodies at:

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