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Allowing Your Teens Their Independence – Show #46

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As parents, our biggest task is to raise our children to become responsible, independent, adult members of society. We spend so much time over the years keeping our kids safe and teaching them life lessons that we can only hope they’re listening to.

But at some point, after doing all this work, it’s time to let them experience their own independence and this can be very difficult for some parents.

This week my guest is my podcast producer, Christina Lemmey, who is a work at home mom and owner of Multimedia VA. She shared her concerns about her 6th grader going on a field trip to an amusement park and how difficult it is as a mother to cut the strings and allow her to go with a new group of friends and unknown chaperones.

I gave Christina some important tips for talking with her daughter about how she expected her to act and behave on the trip and I explained why it was a good thing her daughter didn’t want her mom to chaperone the trip (and no, we’re not blaming the tempermental tween hormones!)

It’s not too late to help plan an exciting summer for your teen. From now until June 30th I’m offering a 25% off discount on my School’s Out! Plan for the Perfect Teen Summer product. Get your copy NOW before the boredom starts!

Keeping Teens Busy In the Summer – Show #45

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Time is flying by.. summer is fast approaching and summer vacation is around the corner.

Even if your teen is very mature and you are comfortable with them staying home by themselves during the summer, for your teen it would be good if he or she has some activities planned that will keep them busy and out of trouble.

This week I’m joined by Mary Lutz of Professional Virtual Business Solutions and we chatted about our own kids’ graduations and how fast the school year went. We also spoke about what we’ve done with our own teens during the summer break and gave lots of great ideas for your teens.

Not that your teen needs supervision or a baby sitter, but your teen needs something that will encourage thinking, give her some responsibility, accountability and guidance. Here are just a few of our suggestions for keeping teens busy:

  • Volunteering (most schools require 100 community service hrs. so volunteering over the summer is a good idea.)
  • Getting a Summer job or a creative self employment idea – earns money, gain some independance & teaches responsiblility. Using resources that your city has available.
  • YMCA/community centers – some off free programs for teens, sporting events

Whatever you and your teen plan for the summer – I hope it will be a safe and enjoyable one!

Exploring Teen Entrepreneurship – Show #44

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Can you believe that summer is almost here? Seems as though we were just waking up our teens on the first day of school and now we’re contemplating how to keep them busy during the summer months!

Today I’m pleased to interview Shonika Proctor of Renegade She is an author, speaker, award winning blogger and experiential teen entrepreneur coach based in Washington, DC who has been encouraging teens across the globe to pursue their wildest dreams and tap into their innate talents.

With the state of the economy today, teens and their parents have to get more creative with their summer job choices, especially since the typical retail and restaurant jobs are being filled by over-qualified candidates. Shonika will explain how parents can determine if their teen should even being pursuing the path of entrepreneurship.

You can also get your hands on The Teen C.E.O. Blueprint & Home Study Course and your teen can learn how to start a business, publish their own book, become a public speaker and more.

Teaching Abstinence – Show #43

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Once our tweens cross that magic bridge into adolescence, one of the most difficult challenges facing parents is talking with our teenagers. With so many difficult yet important life choices facing teens today, it’s more important than ever that parents stay involved in their kids’ lives and TALK about the consequences of these choices.

My guest this week is Dr. Daisy Sutherland, aka Dr. Mommy. Daisy is a Doctor of Chiropractic by profession and a homeschooling mom to 5 beautiful children. Her passion is to teach the youth of today the importance of values and respect.

Daisy just launched a brand new program, Reserved Only, which is a 12-week structured e-learning course that teaches parents how to discuss the subject of sex and abstinence with their teen.  Find out how Abstinence is bigger than just “Sex” and also tune in to discover what the 3 R’s are.

If you are struggling with how to teach your child about abstinence and respecting their own bodies, visit the Reserved Only website and take advantage of the special introductory price offer.

Our good friend and author Vanessa Van Petten from her new site also joins us to tell us about the new site and all that you can find there. Stop by to see if you are radical enough and be sure to take their Radical Parenting Pledge.

Connecting with Your Teen – Show #42

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At long last I’ve come out of hibernation with a new podcast for you! This week I’m sharing an interview I did with Katy Lee when I was a guest on her Adventures in Parenting podcast. Katy is the mother of 3 teens and we had a very indepth conversation about how to stay connected and involved in our teens’ lives.

Some of the topics we covered included:

  • how to open up the lines of communication when  your teen just wants to be alone
  • how to create an open and non-judgemental environment where your teen will feel comfortable sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings
  • how to discuss tough topics such as sex, drugs, and alcohol
  • and the Do’s and Don’ts of conversing with your teen

Our good friend and author Vanessa Van Petten from On Teens Today also joins us with some tips on choosing the best “car music” that teens and parents both can agree on.  Listen in for her great advice!

If you’re tackling a tough challenge with your own teen, drop me a note or leave a comment here and I’ll try to address your concerns in a future episode.