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Parenting My Teen Podcast Show #51

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Parenting My Teen Coffee Chat with Aurelia WilliamsThis week’s show is short and sassy! Please grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you want to sip on and join me for awhile as I run through a hot topic that’s been on my mind lately.

I can sum up today’s topic with this statement:

Moms, stop fighting all of your kid’s battles It’s going to turn them into whiny, weak adults.

Think about it, if you always run to your child’s side, fight their battles and fix everything for them, how will they ever learn to stand up for themselves and figure things out with confidence?

During today’s show I am talking about how jumping in too soon to fight your child’s battles actually cripples them throughout their childhood and into their adult lives as well. I am also sharing a few tips on how you can help to boost your child’s inner strength and give them the tools that they need to fight their own battles and make good decisions.

I’ve been blogging about this topic for the past week and my most recent blog entry ‘Nobody Likes a Whiner‘ has sparked up quite a good conversation.

Be sure to listen to the entire show because I have a big announcement. I am hosting a totally Free Coaching Class on Thursday, February 2nd at 9:00pm Eastern. You can sign up for that class by clicking on this link–>

During the class I will be sharing strategies that will help you know when and how to step into or step back from the battles our kids face.

Interview with Parenting Expert Sue Scheff – Show #50

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Are you a parent who’s hitting the proverbial “brick wall” with your teen? Our teens are mysterious creatures. We set them on a path to independence and yet if they hang with the wrong crowd or if they don’t mature as quickly as we want (or need) them to, they can make mistakes with serious consequences.

My guest this week is Sue Scheff, a parent who, through her own experiences, has become an expert at finding reputable help and resources for troubled teens and their parents. Sue is the founder of P.U.R.E., Parents Universal Resource Experts, a teen and parenting advocacy organization that has assisted families with valuable information and resources for their children and teens who are struggling with today’s peer pressure, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and simply good kids starting to make bad choices.

Sue is very open in this interview, sharing her story about how she was desperate to help her daughter and resorted to sending her away to a “treatment program”. She very clearly states that sending her daughter away for treatment was NOT the mistake; the mistake came in not doing enough research about this particular program.

Listen in as Sue talks about the many steps that parents and guardians can take when finding help for troubled children when we feel we’ve lost hope and exhausted all of our resources.   Sue explains that the 1st step is to not play the “Blame Game” and she also lets us know that we are not alone.

Most of all, Sue reminds us to not give up on our teens. Yes, it’s difficult and no, they won’t want to listen to what we say as parents, but there IS hope.

For more information about P.U.R.E. visit

Sue is also the author “Wit’s End! Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out of Control Teen” . This book  is the shockingly gripping story of how Sue turned her mistakes—and her relationship with her daughter—around.  This book is a much-needed guide—written by a parent who has been there—that helps parents navigate the choices and methods available to them and their child. It serves as an action plan that empowers parents—and their children—toward healing.

Financial Tips for Young Adults – Show #49

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Teaching children and teens how to manage money is essential to their future as independent adults. Rather than teaching your teen how to be dependent on credit cards as they venture off to college, parents can be the ones that set their children on the right path by learning sound financial advice themselves and being good role models.

Today I’m pleased to interview Vince Shorb, founder of the National Youth Financial Educator’s Council, Vince is dedicated to increasing youth financial literacy through a variety of workshops, custom programs, educator training, curriculum, live events and online virtual learning centers.

Vince shares how he went from being a young real estate investor, living a comfortable life, to losing everything, all because he made a few common financial mistakes.

After this experience, Vince learned by speaking with other people that they, too, were making some of the same mistakes he made and this led him to the create the National Youth Financial Educator’s Council and wanting to help educate young people about finances.

Vince is also the producer of Money XLive ( which is one of the nation’s largest, full-production, financial literacy events in the country that recently served over 1,100 youth and over 30 nonprofits. This event brings together celebrities, sport stars, and live acts to teach practical money matters in a full production concert venue.

During today’s show we discussed why we have the problem of financial illiteracy amongst young people today and he also shares some vital tips with us on how we can instill financial responsibility in our children.

Listen in as Vince shares tips on how we can start teaching our teens today to be financially savvy and also how we can help them start to build a solid financial foundation.

Parenting My Teen Show #48

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We all know how popular cell phones are with teens these days. How many times a day do you see teens either chatting or texting their friends? It can seem endless, right?

But with the advances in technology come certain threats or issues that can plague teens. In the case of cell phones, the biggest challenge is sexting and Aurelia offers parents some tips for helping their teens to avoid this dangerous trap.

Parenting My Teen PodcastSexting is a term that describes when teens take texting messages to their friends one step further by sending revealing – or even nude – photos of themselves to other kids. Sometimes these are sent as a way to start a relationship but other times these images can be manipulated on the computer and sent around schools as a way to ostracize or make fun of a student.

Think it’s just girls sending these photos, in hopes of landing a boyfriend? Think again! Studies show 21 percent of teen girls and 18 percent of teen boys have electronically sent, or posted online, nude or semi-nude images of themselves.

So what can parents do?

Most importantly, talk to your children.

  • Discuss the dangers of having these photos online anywhere because once they are posted, they never actually disappear.
  • Know your child’s friends, both online and offline.
  • Talk about the consequences of sexting. Many states consider sexting a form of child pornography, which can lead to being labeled a sex offender.

If you need help talking to your teen but don’t know where to start, check out our special report, Real Life Guidance to Understanding Your Teen.

Easing Back to School Stress – Show #47

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Thanks for joining us as we celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Parenting My Teen!

School is starting again very soon – or maybe your classes have already begun – and there is always some stress associated with going back to school, no matter what grade your teen is entering.

My guest this week is a long time PMT Friend, Marie Ynami of Mommy Marie is a work at home mom of 3 from California. This school year, her youngest is in middle school, she has a high school senior and a teen that just graduated from high school.

In this episode we discuss tips for getting our teens back into the school mindset after a summer of fun as well as:

– when to meet the teachers;
– how to keep lines of communication open about your expectations during the school year and your child’s concerns;
– setting routines & limits;
– encouraging your child to get involved in activities.

If you need even more tips for helping your teen deal with the tribulations of high school, take a look at my ebook, Real Life Guidance to Helping Your Teen In High School. This guide shows you how you can allow your teen to have some independence while providing support and guidance to them as they make their way through high school, and the best part is that you can get started right now!