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Parenting My Teen Podcast Show #51

By: Aurelia Category: Parenting My Teen Podcast

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Parenting My Teen Coffee Chat with Aurelia WilliamsThis week’s show is short and sassy! Please grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you want to sip on and join me for awhile as I run through a hot topic that’s been on my mind lately.

I can sum up today’s topic with this statement:

Moms, stop fighting all of your kid’s battles It’s going to turn them into whiny, weak adults.

Think about it, if you always run to your child’s side, fight their battles and fix everything for them, how will they ever learn to stand up for themselves and figure things out with confidence?

During today’s show I am talking about how jumping in too soon to fight your child’s battles actually cripples them throughout their childhood and into their adult lives as well. I am also sharing a few tips on how you can help to boost your child’s inner strength and give them the tools that they need to fight their own battles and make good decisions.

I’ve been blogging about this topic for the past week and my most recent blog entry ‘Nobody Likes a Whiner‘ has sparked up quite a good conversation.

Be sure to listen to the entire show because I have a big announcement. I am hosting a totally Free Coaching Class on Thursday, February 2nd at 9:00pm Eastern. You can sign up for that class by clicking on this link–>

During the class I will be sharing strategies that will help you know when and how to step into or step back from the battles our kids face.

2 Comments to “Parenting My Teen Podcast Show #51”

  1. Corine Vongsakda says:

    I get so many DMs daily that I can’t be bothered with them now. I’m sure I must miss people who genuinely want to speak, but it’s totally ridiculous now!

  2. I would of enjoyed reading more, I think I’ll check back next week.


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