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What to do After Your Teen’s High-School Graduation

By: Mary Lutz Category: Family, Teen Education

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It’s hard to believe graduation is already here. More than likely, it feels like just yesterday you had to take your child to kindergarten for the first time. It’s amazing how fast time flies for parents isn’t it? Now your teen has completed high-school and is about to embark on a journey of his own…and you’re left with an empty nest. What are you going to do now? Below are several ideas of new and exciting things for you to try.

Learn Something New: As parents, there are many things that get put on hold as we are trying to raise our kids. This includes exploring new interests. However, once your teen graduates high-school and moves out, you’ll find that you have a lot of extra time on your hands. This is the perfect time to explore those interests that got put on the back burner all those years ago. Take the time to visit the library and check out a book or sign up for a class to learn more about a particular topic.

Go on Trips: Now that your teen is out of the house, you have the extra time and money to go on trips. If you have always wanted to go on a cruise, then book it! Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to take a weekend road trip, but your weekends were consumed with attending your teen’s sporting events or other extracurricular activities. Well, now you can take that weekend road trip and not worry about a thing!

Have Date Nights: Many parents get so consumed with their child’s life and all the activities going on with that child that they forget to take time out for themselves. Then, once their last teenager walks across the stage at graduation, they suddenly panic because they don’t think they have anything in common with their spouse. Use this time to reconnect with your significant other and go out on regular date nights once a week. You’ll find it refreshing and fun getting to know each other again.

Pamper Yourself: Over the past 18 years, the majority of your money has went to your child whether it was for food, clothing or extracurricular activities. You’ve made a lot of sacrifices and now your teen has graduated high-school and is off to college. Now, it’s your turn to pamper yourself. Go get a massage once a week if you want or buy that new outfit you’ve been wanting.

While your teen’s graduation night will seem bittersweet, it is also a time to celebrate as you successfully raised your child into adulthood. Now, do some of the things you’ve always wanted to do. And, do them without regret!

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