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Summer Business Ideas for Teenagers

By: Mary Lutz Category: Parenting A Teen

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While many teens view summer as a time to kick back and get some rays, there are many more who decide to start their own summer business and earn a little extra cash. These are generally the teenagers who are self-motivated and driven for success. Therefore, if you are a parent of one of these teens, you need to encourage them in their endeavor to start a summer business.

Not only will a summer business allow your teen to make money over the summertime, but it will also teach them valuable life lessons and build their confidence. So, why not help them get started? Below are a few great summer business ideas perfect for responsible teenagers.

Lawn Service Business: Many teenagers make good money providing lawn care services for the residents in their community. This summer business doesn’t usually require a lot of start-up money as most teens are able to use their parents’ existing lawn care equipment. However, reliable transportation is a necessity. Teens aren’t just limited to mowing, edging and weed eating as they can also plant flowers, provide regular weeding services, tree trimming and more.

Online Auction Business: For teens that enjoy working online, selling merchandise through online auction sites such as eBay is another great summer business for teens to start. The best way to make money with an online auction site is to go to thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, etc. and look for collectibles, tools and other highly-sellable items. Then upload pictures of the item on the online auction site. The great thing about this business is that it isn’t just limited to summer…it can easily be done during any other time of the year!

Computer Services: For teens who understand how computers work, offering computer services is a great summer business idea. Knowledgeable teens can provide services such as computer repair, website design, online marketing and many more computer services for local residents and businesses.

Pet Sitting Business: For most people, summertime is when they go on vacation to get away from everyday life. However, those with pets have to plan for their care when they are gone. This means either they pay to have their pets boarded or they find someone willing to come to their home and care for the pets while they’re gone. Teens who enjoy taking care of pets and have reliable transportation can easily start their own pet sitting business.

Tutoring: Another great summer business for teens who have great academic skills can provide tutoring services during the summer to help other kids improve their knowledge in certain areas.

The summer business ideas listed above are just a few of the many types of businesses available for teens. If your teen wants to start a summer business to earn some extra money, encourage him/her to pursue this endeavor and they will learn a lot from the experience!

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