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Parenting Teenagers: The Benefits of Positive Discipline

By: Mary Lutz Category: Parenting A Teen

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Parenting teenagers is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world to do successfully. There are just so many ways to handle various situations and it’s difficult because teens are dealing with physical and emotional changes within themselves during this time, making it even easier for parents to majorly mess up. One of the biggest pitfalls a parent of a teenager can make is in the area of discipline.

For example, if you are too hard on your teens then you risk pushing them away and causing rebellion. However, if you are too nice and easy-going you’re going to raise a teen who is self-centered and isn’t a benefit to his community. So, what’s a parent supposed to do when parenting teenagers and dealing with discipline issues? Incorporate positive discipline. There are several benefits for those who are raised in a positive-discipline house.

It Promotes Self-Worth and Confidence. One of the core factors in positive discipline is treating children with respect. Yes, if your child crosses a boundary, she needs to be made aware of it and corrected, but you should do so in a positive way that communicates the message that your teen is a valuable member of the family. Positive discipline, gives children a feeling of self-worth and confidence because they know that you love them enough to correct them and that you do so in a respectful way.

It Seeks to Encourage. Parenting teenagers is not easy and it’s extremely easy to become frustrated with them when they do something wrong. Positive discipline is disciplining in a way that encourages your teen and doesn’t try to make them feel as if he is a bad human being. When you learn how to effectively discipline your children while encouraging them, they will learn how much power, control and ability they have within themselves. They will learn that they aren’t terrible people and that you believe that they have the ability to change and to do anything they want.

It Teaches Life Skills. Positive discipline teaches teens how to deal with various circumstances in positive ways. They will learn how to handle life’s disappointments in a good way as well as how to treat others with respect, even if they are upset with them. These are some of the most important life skills that one can learn.

It Lasts. Finally, parenting teenagers isn’t just about making them follow the rules while they are under your roof, it’s about raising people who will become valuable assets to their communities. Positive discipline does just this. It is about correcting children in a loving and encouraging way and when you raise your teens in this manner, they will most likely raise their children the same way – which will benefit the community they live in for years to come!

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