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What to Do when Your Teen is Struggling in School

By: Aurelia Category: Teen Education

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One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make regarding their teen’s performance in school is not knowing the difference between pressure and support. Think about the way you talk to your teen. Do you talk to them in away that will inspire them to want to do better? Or rather do you say things like “Get an A or else!” Often times it’s difficult for a teenager to see the importance of getting good grades and how it can affect their future. It’s up to you to give them some immediate gratification!

Encourage them by telling them that you are proud of them in everything they do. If it’s sports, music, or another hobby; showing interest and approval in their lives will give you a closer relationship with your teen. If you open up doors with them to talking about the things that they like, it will make it easier for them to come talk you about other things, like problems they’re having with schoolwork.

Use your bragging rights! Although they may never show it and may even act embarrassed when you brag about them- they really love it! Making your parents proud is important to pretty much everyone. That alone could be all they need to try harder in school.

What To Do When They’re Still Struggling?

You know that they’re putting the effort into they’re schoolwork, but sometimes everyone just needs some extra help! It’s important for you to provide that help for your teen. Although as parents we’re expected to do a lot, there are many reasons why getting a tutor instead of trying to help them yourself may be a better idea.

Parents and teens tend to clash, a lot. Perhaps it’s just the nature of the age, for some to be rebellious against their parents. Teenagers are at an age where we want to show our parents that we know everything, or at least just as much as they know, because we think we do. Employing a tutor can give young adults a sense of independence.

My experience when my father used to try to help me with my math homework was difficult. I believe that if I had, had a tutor-someone with whom I had nothing to prove, I could have been more receptive to learning. Teaching is not as easy as it may seem, just because you know how to read doesn’t mean you’ll be good at teaching it. Certainly, just because my father knew math well didn’t mean that he was the best teacher for me. Perhaps for someone, but not for me, because I learn differently than my father does. I think differently than my father does. Whether it be because I was young and he was older, I was female and he was male, our brains didn’t process things in the same way. If you’ve tried to help your son or daughter with their school work with no success, you should step down and hire a professional for the job, the ability to teach is a gift, and there are plenty of retired teachers out there who spend their time tutoring because it’s what they love to do. A good professional tutor will have the ability to recognize your son or daughter’s unique learning style and optimize they’re learning by catering to that.

Success in school takes work, that’s your teen’s job. Your job is to provide them with the tools for the job. Handle educational issues calmly and rationally and try not to put any added stress on them if they really are struggling. In case you’ve forgotten being a teenager is hard! Don’t wait for them to ask for help, just hand it out!

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