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Summer Projects to Help Keep Teens Busy

By: Mary Lutz Category: Parenting A Teen

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Summer is fast approaching and you’re probably already dreading hearing those 3 little words from the mouth of your teen. “Mom, I’m bored”. If your teen is too young for a regular job, here are some ideas for summer projects you can use to help keep your teen busy.

Mowing Lawns

This is an all time classic summer job for just about any teen. If you have a push mower or a riding mower, your teen can go around the neighborhood and mow lawns for $15 or $20. You and your teen can make some cool flyers to pass out to your neighbors or to post in your local stores and post office.

Painting Indoors or Out

Summer is a great time to repaint your home indoors or out. Have your teen take one room at a time or one side of the house at a time and give it a fresh coat of paint or a totally new color. It will keep them busy for weeks. You can offer to pay them or buy them a large ticket item they’ve always wanted, if necessary.

Redecorating the House

If your teen has a flair for decorating, give them the reigns and let them do the redecorating. Whether you send them to the DIY store with a budget or simply rearrange the items you already have, allow them to express their creativeness in the home. If you have time, this is a great project to do together.


Help your teen plant a garden this spring. Over the summer they can do the upkeep, watering, weeding and harvesting.

Blogging or Vlogging

Instead of watching your teen sit in front of the computer on one of their favorite social networking sites, start a blog for them. This will help build their writing skills and confidence. Or if your teen is a budding videographer, help them set up their own YouTube account so they can show their creative side through video. Encourage them to tell stories through their blogs and videos that will draw others to their sites. They can even show off their artwork, photography, musical and other talents on their blogs and videos.

House Sitting

A lot of people go away for a few weeks during the summer and need someone to stay at the house and feed their pets or water their lawn. Have your teen offer house sitting services as a way to make a little extra cash and learn responsibility.

Dog Walking

Dog Walking is another great way to help out your neighbors. Have your teen offer to walk their dogs on a daily basis for free. Some might pay them or give them a nice tip, but offering this type of service for free teaches them how to be a good servant.

For more great tips and summer projects for teens, see School’s Out For Summer.

4 Comments to “Summer Projects to Help Keep Teens Busy”

  1. Teenager says:

    Um, hello? We’re talking teenagers here! no offense but none of these are really that appealing to kids of any age.

  2. Ya, it was a nice try, but being a teenager, i wouldn’t do any of those things. Try more unique, easy but time killing things. Things that would seem intriguing. Usually i would want something cool to do that was new for me.

  3. cheesepop says:

    hello!!!! isnt this for teens. this is for adults. boring!!!!!!!! teens would rather hang out with friends or go out but…. nice try

    • Right, but these are summer projects to help keep you busy doing productive activities when you can’t hang out with your friends or go out. It’s good to have other ideas available. Thanks for responding!


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