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Interview with Parenting Expert Sue Scheff – Show #50

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Are you a parent who’s hitting the proverbial “brick wall” with your teen? Our teens are mysterious creatures. We set them on a path to independence and yet if they hang with the wrong crowd or if they don’t mature as quickly as we want (or need) them to, they can make mistakes with serious consequences.

My guest this week is Sue Scheff, a parent who, through her own experiences, has become an expert at finding reputable help and resources for troubled teens and their parents. Sue is the founder of P.U.R.E., Parents Universal Resource Experts, a teen and parenting advocacy organization that has assisted families with valuable information and resources for their children and teens who are struggling with today’s peer pressure, experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and simply good kids starting to make bad choices.

Sue is very open in this interview, sharing her story about how she was desperate to help her daughter and resorted to sending her away to a “treatment program”. She very clearly states that sending her daughter away for treatment was NOT the mistake; the mistake came in not doing enough research about this particular program.

Listen in as Sue talks about the many steps that parents and guardians can take when finding help for troubled children when we feel we’ve lost hope and exhausted all of our resources.   Sue explains that the 1st step is to not play the “Blame Game” and she also lets us know that we are not alone.

Most of all, Sue reminds us to not give up on our teens. Yes, it’s difficult and no, they won’t want to listen to what we say as parents, but there IS hope.

For more information about P.U.R.E. visit

Sue is also the author “Wit’s End! Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out of Control Teen” . This book  is the shockingly gripping story of how Sue turned her mistakes—and her relationship with her daughter—around.  This book is a much-needed guide—written by a parent who has been there—that helps parents navigate the choices and methods available to them and their child. It serves as an action plan that empowers parents—and their children—toward healing.

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