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Good Teenage Goals to Have

By: Mary Lutz Category: Parenting A Teen

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Setting and achieving goals is important for teens to do, but when you help your teen during this process, it’s important that you make sure your teen has some good goals written down. While having a goal to make it to the Senior class trip is technically a goal, it isn’t necessarily a “good” goal. Good goals are goals that will provide value to your teens’ lives and help improve their future. While the list below provides several examples of good goals for teens to have, it isn’t a complete list. This is just a list providing a few ideas to help you and your teen get started with setting good goals.

Improving Grades: One of the most important jobs a teen has is completing high-school. However, completing high-school isn’t a well defined goal, but completing high-school with good grades is. Therefore, if your teen is struggling in a certain area, then one of the goals on his or her list should be to improve his or her grades in that class. Improving grades is also essential for getting accepted into a good college after high-school, which is another reason this should be on every teens’ list.

Getting Accepted to College: Many teens don’t understand how important going to college really is. However, this doesn’t make it any less important. While it used to be possible to get a good job without a college education by “working your way up,” this opportunity is becoming quiet scarce. Many companies now look to see if the applicant received a college degree before they will even consider hiring him or her. Therefore, getting accepted to college should be another must-have goal on every teen’s list.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Many teens are under the impression that being physically fit is something you either have or don’t have. They don’t understand that it’s a lifestyle choice. Establishing a healthy lifestyle during high-school dramatically increases a person’s chances of maintaining good physical health throughout the rest of his or her life. Therefore, one of the most important goals a teen can have is to achieve, and maintain, a healthy lifestyle.

Help Others: Helping others is another great goal for teens to have. So many teens are filled with self-consuming thoughts and they don’t think about others in need. However, those that do think of how they can help others and take time to volunteer generally have a better feeling of self-worth and satisfaction. Therefore, helping others is an excellent goal for teens to have during high-school.

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  1. It helps me to break down bigger goals into smaller steps. If a teenager has an ultimate goal of improving their grades, for example, she can make a detailed list of how to achieve this. She can designate which classes she needs help in, and look for ways to improve her grades, like having a study partner, getting a tutor, spending more time at the library, etc. Goals often seem more attainable when a person writes out specific steps.


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