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Why Holiday Traditions are Important for Families

By: Mary Lutz Category: Family, Parenting A Teen

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Do you have certain memories from your childhood? Some great and others may be not so great, right? Most of us do. I bet most of the really great memories are centered around a Holiday, special event or birthday. I would also bet a lot of the memories you retain stem from certain traditions your family observed. Have you carried those traditions on into your home and family? If you have, that is awesome. But why are traditions so important for families to have and to carry on through the generations, especially Holiday traditions?

As mentioned in the first paragraph, many of our memories probably stem from a tradition our family held every year or on occasion. There were probably certain events, activities and food that the tradition evolved around. In my family, for example, it is tradition to play a gift giving game every Christmas Eve with my side of the family. My mom, brother and his family and my husband and I get together each year for this game. This tradition was started by my now ex-husband’s family when my children were growing up so it’s important to them and they have many wonderful memories from it. We’re keeping those memories alive not only for my children, but we’re passing them down to my grandchildren as well.

Another tradition you might have around the Holidays is the decorating of the Christmas tree. Some families make it a tradition to get the whole family together every year to decorate the tree, make crafts and ornaments and even baked goods. My daughters and I have a baking day each year and we spend the whole day baking cookies and other Christmas treats to give as gifts and to serve at Christmas dinner.

These traditions are not only important for creating and preserving childhood memories, they are also important because they create a unique setting for some great quality time with family that you may not normally get.

Another reason Holiday traditions are so important for families is because they represent stability and continuity for families. Traditions are something you can count on and often look forward to. Our children and teens come to rely upon and understand this type of stability in the family setting.

If you don’t have any traditions started with your family, it’s not too late to start them now, no matter what age your children are. You can even announce, “This year we’re starting a new tradition!” Your children love it and most likely pass it on to their children for years to come.

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