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Parenting My Teen Show #48

By: Aurelia Category: Parenting My Teen Podcast

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We all know how popular cell phones are with teens these days. How many times a day do you see teens either chatting or texting their friends? It can seem endless, right?

But with the advances in technology come certain threats or issues that can plague teens. In the case of cell phones, the biggest challenge is sexting and Aurelia offers parents some tips for helping their teens to avoid this dangerous trap.

Parenting My Teen PodcastSexting is a term that describes when teens take texting messages to their friends one step further by sending revealing – or even nude – photos of themselves to other kids. Sometimes these are sent as a way to start a relationship but other times these images can be manipulated on the computer and sent around schools as a way to ostracize or make fun of a student.

Think it’s just girls sending these photos, in hopes of landing a boyfriend? Think again! Studies show 21 percent of teen girls and 18 percent of teen boys have electronically sent, or posted online, nude or semi-nude images of themselves.

So what can parents do?

Most importantly, talk to your children.

  • Discuss the dangers of having these photos online anywhere because once they are posted, they never actually disappear.
  • Know your child’s friends, both online and offline.
  • Talk about the consequences of sexting. Many states consider sexting a form of child pornography, which can lead to being labeled a sex offender.

If you need help talking to your teen but don’t know where to start, check out our special report, Real Life Guidance to Understanding Your Teen.

9 Comments to “Parenting My Teen Show #48”

  1. thanks for the comment on my blog.Your article has practical aspects on how to curb the vice, pretty useful! Thanks
    .-= Nairobian Perspective´s last blog .."Sexting" Gaining Popularity Among Kenyan Youths ! =-.

  2. Your site might be interesting but even with glasses I was not interested in reading the articles as the font is so small. I will have to look elsewhere for information on my 12 year old.

    • Love This Michelle! I may have to give this one a try; minus the snowman since I don’t have that set. I’ll find something else. I’m only surprised that you di72n#8&1d;t reflect him in the ice as well!

  3. Hi John – I am sorry you find the font to be too small. I can look into increasing the font size in the near future.

  4. Any 12 year old who thinks sending naked pics of themselves to someone they barely know is ok has a few existing issues to begin with, I would assume.
    .-= Screen Sleuth´s last blog ..HD Update: NBC, The Winter Olympics and The Promise =-.

  5. This is quite a challenging issue. Unfortunately too many parents substitute giving their kids things instead of time and regular conversation. Using teachable moments is far more effective than taking away a teen’s toys (i.e. cell phones, mp3 players, etc.).

    Teaching teens self-worth, self-control, and the importance of thinking for themselves will help them make better decisions. Sexting probably wouldn’t be such a cool thing anymore either.
    .-= Samantha´s last blog ..Best Posts: Rich Single Momma Readers Favorites! =-.

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