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Parenting My Teen #38

By: Aurelia Category: Parenting My Teen Podcast

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This week I’m shaking things up a bit by having two guests giving you some awesome advice.

Vanessa van Petten is the parenting coach behind the popular blog, On Teens Today, which is read by hundreds of teens and parents daily. At the young age of 17 Vanessa wrote a book titled, “You’re Grounded” and and is now on a national speaking tour, reaching out to both parents and teenagers about how to cope and thrive as young people today.

This week Vanessa gives us six tips for opening up communication with our teens.

My other guest this week is Marguerite Wright from Mother Knows Best.  As a Certified Herbalist and Health Consultant, Marguerite has learned from the best natural herbalists across the nation.

This week Marguerite shares some ways to encourage our teens to live a healthy lifestyle using the benefits of natural health alternatives.

As always, leave me a note below with your thoughts about the show or with topics that you would like to hear about.

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  1. This is a fantastic site packed full of great advice. I am a coach here in the UK and one of my specialist areas is coaching teenagers. I have just set up a blog and website specifically aimed at helping parents to create better relationships with their teens. Although I have a long way to go to create a site anywhere near as good as this. I would really appreciate comments as to how I could improve so if you have time please have a look. Thank you



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